The Hunt is Real…

IMG_3517 IMG_3519 IMG_3520 IMG_3521 IMG_3522 IMG_3523 IMG_3524 IMG_3526 IMG_3527The hunt is real guys, seriously.  I decided to name my blog “The Divine Hunt”  because I feel as if every shopping experience of mine is an actual hunt. It takes time and patience. I typically circle stores about 3-5 times before I leave, my husband can’t stand it! When it comes to online shopping, I scour the same site for at least 10 minutes to make sure I don’t miss anything.   I understand that many people aren’t like me and tend to get discouraged if they don’t immediately find something they love. I’m here to help and I hope that I can convince you to maybe peruse the store or online shopping site just one more time. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Now about the look.  It’s all about the shoes!  Like many people, I am obsessed with Amazon for everything! But did you know that they have a fabulous collection of shoes?  Amazon Prime and all! After about 20 minutes in the shoe department, I was surprised to find a pair of N.Y.L.A. lace-up black heels for just under $40 (Retail Price $130)!  A fab shoe with a divine price 🙂 !

Happy Shopping! xo, D

Skirt: Harlow & Graham (similar here) | Top: American Apparel | Shoes: N.Y.L.A. | Bag: J.J. Winters | Watch:Shinola | Necklace: Forever 21 

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