Star Style Saturday: Oscar Edition

Being that we are one day away from the biggest night in Hollywood, The Academy Awards, I decided to feature my favorite leading ladies and they’re best dressed moments from this years award season.

I adore Felicity Jones’s blush-colored Balenciaga gown.  Her hair, makeup, jewelry is absolute perfection! Marion Cotillard takes her own fashion risks with bright colors and unique silhouettes.  Her yellow Dior at the BAFTA’s was absolutely gorgeous! Rosamund Pike has proven the fact that if you got the legs, flaunt it! Reese Witherspoon always stuns and I especially love how she oversteps all fashion boundaries. Whether it’s wearing a gown or a short Michael Kors black pearl embroidered cocktail dress, she always wows! Emma Stone is also a fashion risktaker on the red carpet.  How sexy was her sparkly Lanvin jumpsuit at the Golden Globes? Julianne Moore has shown us that there are some of us who simply don’t age (I hope to be part of that club!).  She can wear a paper bag and her beautiful red hair will still be her best accessory.

So who’s your style favorite and who do you think will be the lucky lady to snag the hottest guy in town, Mr. Oscar?

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