Gold Digger

Gold bracelets, gold rings, gold iPhone, gold home decorative accents, furniture, my logo :). Yup, all gold everything!! I don’t know what started it all, but I have an obsession with gold and everyone knows about it. Maybe it’s my middle eastern roots, haha.  But I seriously love gold!

487a9d43f9fab521cb2add6da734101fThis obsession can get tacky and overdone, but the key is to be tasteful. It can simply be done by adding a pair of gold metallic pointed pumps- like these wishful Loubs- with a pair of skinny jeans and a simple top or blazer.




This week at the Met Gala, Lea Michele was a golden goddess.  While she’s literally dripping in gold, because it was the Met Gala, it was appropriate.  In other situations, the gold can be overkill.

570289a50bf2bfd515a9110976e9116aThe room of my dreams, minus the tiger and ostrich, haha. I love how they incorporated the gold with pops of blue and orange. I want to live here.



Coordinates gold bracelet. This is for sure on my want list.  I am a very sentimental person and cherish every special moment. A lot of the jewelry items I wear daily are my Grandma Jenny’s gold bangle, my initial necklace from my christening which just so happens that my husband has an initial pendant as well from childhood, so I wear them together on one golden chain (pictured above).


Gold Dipped Balloons,perfect for my birthday!!! ahh 3 more weeks:)

ba6e1a893a2c57e4e6d90b488583f62dSaved the very best for last- a gold Cartier love ring.. nothing more to say about this one.


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