The Urban Bargain Jungle

For about a year now I have been blessed with our local Urban Outfitters Surplus/Outlet store in our neighborhood. It is our cheap guilty pleasure whenever my husband and I are driving around the neighborhood.  I was hesitant to write a post about this store, since only us Angelino’s are lucky to visit as I don’t believe there are other surplus/outlet stores around.  I just had to share my excitement on my recent finds there. I do have a bit of a bohemian, hipster vibe to me and I love that Urban Outfitters carries pieces that are unique and look vintage. All these items are sold in the regular Urban Outfitters store as well as online- but the prices are way better! Try not to hate me…

If you live nearby, be sure to visit!

Address: 14608 W. Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403



Silence + Noise Silky 90s Slip Dress: I got this dress for less than $20. I would definitely style it differently than what’s shown on the model. I love how bright the colors are. Perfect vacation outfit. Looks great with strappy sandals! Sadly, it is out of stock 😦 Sorry guys!


Urban Renewal Full-Leg Jumpsuit: The cutest jumper and most comfortable! Wore this on Mother’s Day and my mom is convinced she had a jumpsuit like this in the 70’s-love that!  Fits completely different on me though. The neckline is pulled up higher just because I’m more petite and that way it lifts up the pants so I’m not tripping on myself. The pockets are a plus too! Price: $30 (sale) Surplus Price: $10 Also sold out 😦 


Kimchi Blue Breezy Sweaterknit Tank Top: This was purchased through a special (buy 1 top get the other top free).  This ended up being $5. It is selling for $19.99  on the urban outfitters website (click image to buy at this price)


Staring At Stars Multi-Sequin Tee Dress: Best purchase of them all! This is for sure from their holiday collection but the colors are bright enough to wear in the spring/summer and of course without the tights and boots! Guess how much I got this sequined number for?? $10!!!!!! I’m lucky that I’m petite because the length would be too short on the average girl.  For a 5 foot gal like me, this is perfection! I was so giddy when I first glanced at the price and I had to have it! The quality is great too. Sadly it’s sold out 😦 Sorry guys!


Pins And Needles Falling Roses Silk Tank Top: Another huge deal! This top is actually selling on the Urban Outfitters website for full price! $79!!!! I got it for $5 through the buy 1 top get 1 free deal 🙂 Perfect for scorching hot weather and follows this seasons floral trend! Can’t wait to rock this with my denim cutoffs. (click on image to buy- but just a warning.. it’s not really worth it at full price-I’m sure it’ll be on sale soon, so be patient!)


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