Star Style Saturday: Olivia Palermo

Hi! So I have something new to share…Saturdays are now meant for stars! We stalk and they inspire. A lot of my looks are inspired by many celebrities.  They might have it all and even if I don’t… I can make it possible somehow.

Today’s star is none other than Ms. Olivia Palermo.

OliviaPalermodvf She is one of my favorite style icons and I love that even off the red carpet she is stylin’ in the city while walking her dog. Enjoy some of my favorite looks from OP. xo, D

8e2344a99412ec88b898db0e6605bd02 ff3d77a46ef80f0390bfc101020fda54 f9ac10ada19c5451fd0cb9ce11e4106d de9117aca184e859d90f56e9d863cd03 82263d4e9523d36edad9d1fe5b8407ec 901af4bad4a609c3b03ecd33e04b7a51 1c2351bf7c00dc7f20bf044c7c6753af 4fbb7d23f9975e9d27464acf24f1c3da c9ccc824df810c93a62e007101f44428 94247eb9f826edb9c180396d2de64e73


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