Matchy Matchy

123Remember the time when matching your entire outfit was a big “no, no”! Well now it’s a big “yes, yes”! When you invest in a top and bottom that match there are endless options for styling. You can of course pair them together for one cohesive look or you can wear them as separates and mix and match. One of my favorite brands right now is Clover Canyon.  I purchased their Gatsby Dress for New Years Eve and it seriously was the most comfortable and flattering dress I’ve ever owned. The neoprene material feels so good and sucks everything in!  What’s great about Clover Canyon is that they have matching tops and bottoms so that you can easily create this matchy matchy look.  Opt for high waisted skirts and crop tops.  Yes, showing a little skin in the middle of your body might be scary, but you’d be surprised how chic and sexy it looks.

Take a look at some of my favorite Clover Canyon pairings right now. The price can be a bit steep but for a special occasion, It’s worth it.

xo, D


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