Coachella.. Smochella… I’d rather be by a pool in the desert

While I do love music and of course a good time, I’m not packing my bags for this weekend’s music festival.  But I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is going to wear. I do admit that there is a hipster side of me that creeps up from time to time, the braids,  denim cut offs and my latest infatuation… overalls!IMG_6454

Who would’ve thought these Osh Kosh B’gosh threads… well not exactly these (yes that’s me, hehe)… would come back into style!

I tracked some down and I’m really loving the distressed style. They look extremely comfortable!

Loving how my fellow blogger, Sincerely, Jules paired her distressed overalls with a simple tee, espadrilles and a tote.  The overalls she’s wearing are from Zara, however they unfortunately don’t carry them anymore.


So I did what any true huntress would do! I scowered the Internet to find the identical look and was pretty successful!

Click on the links below to find out where to get them.

Overalls     T-shirt      Tote    Espadrilles



To the Coachella goers, hope you have an amazing time and stay safe 🙂

xo, D






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