Coo Coo for Coconut Oil!

My long locks were desperately crying out for help and in need of some moisture. Especially after a new hair stylist teased the heck out of my hair for an ombre’ color treatment (I could still feel the pain, ouch!). I quickly discovered that almost every strand of my hair had a split end and was so dry and brittle! I had to do something about it!

So I went to THE source, the site that has all the answers to life’s biggest dilemma’s… Pinterest. Yes, I am one of those who starts every conversation with “So I saw this on pinterest…”.

So yes… I saw this on Pinterest and I am hooked!

unnamedI use pure, unrefined, cold pressed organic Coconut Oil (I have a big jug from Costco). I first comb my hair to make sure there aren’t any tangles for ease of application. I then apply the coconut oil starting from my scalp and roots and continue throughout the rest of my hair. Once my hair is completely covered in the oil, I simply twist hair in a bun and leave in for about 30-60 minutes.  To rinse out, just use your usual shampoo.  I tend to rinse and repeat about 3 times just to be sure the coconut oil is completely washed out.  Lastly, I apply conditioner only to the ends of my hair and then rinse. Blow dry and style as usual and Voila! Beautiful, shiny, soft hair.

I’ve been doing this once a week for the last three weeks and already notice a huge difference! My hair looks and feels amazing and I love the coconut vacation smell, yum!!

Try it and let me know what you think! 🙂

xo, D




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